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k, round face shon▓e with delight and every one● of his very white teeth showed, a●s he assured you that “it did his heart good ●to look upon you and you were looking so fine a●nd so well.” Then there was Stephen▓ Gallant, who was papa’s special▓ servant and valet, but when there w▓as much company he helped with the

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    坔ington was the cook.He had been trained

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    pt● a very fine restaurant, Sam Lee.Phb●

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    nnie were the maids, and

    Nellie, Nelson●’s wife, the laundress,

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    ed by a young● girl.Dad

    dy Moses, William’s ●father, was brought

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he count●ry to take charge of the yard and be gardener ●under a white man, Mr.Wubb, who was employe▓d.Harris, a boy i

n the house●, attended the bell and ran errands.They we▓re all good servants and I was

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fond o●f all but Stephen, whom I could not bea▓r.